lululemon Reveals Mylo™ Products

July 7, 2021


lululemon revealed the world's first yoga accessories made from Mylo™ material. The Mylo™ products demonstrate lululemon's continued dedication to sustainability and use of innovative materials.

“As a premium athletic brand, having innovative and proprietary fabrics and other materials that help guests feel their best to perform their best is something we’re proud of,” said Sun Choe, Chief Product Officer at lululemon. “Sustainable innovation will continue to play a key role in the future of retail and product, and for us, leveraging a material like Mylo™ demonstrates our commitment to creating a healthier environment through lower-impact products, while also giving us the ability to reimagine iconic pieces in our line through a sustainability lens.”

Leveraging the high-quality feel and versatility in application of Mylo™, lululemon is unveiling a concept yoga mat made entirely from Mylo™, and two bags featuring the material.

The yoga mat demonstrates an updated, sustainable alternative to a brand staple, and highlights what’s possible with the innovative material. The woven Mylo™ yoga mat experiments with varying patterns to complement the placement of hands and feet during a yoga practice and is inspired by the brand’s Take Form Mat, which includes 3D zoned alignment patterns.

The brand’s two bags featuring Mylo™ material—the lululemon Meditation and Yoga Mat Bag, and the lululemon Barrel Duffel Bag—are available for purchase in early 2022. Mylo™ was thoughtfully featured in the accessories’ detailed woven handles and braided pulls so guests could experience the premium look and feel of Mylo™ in products that are both iconic to the lululemon brand and serve a functional purpose.

Developed by lululemon’s Accessories Design team, the Mylo™ products were created with the brand’s Science of Feel approach at the forefront. The feel and performance of the lululemon’s fabrics and materials are key to what the brand’s guests resonate with when experiencing the product.

Mylo™ is made from renewable mycelium, the root structure of mushrooms, and created by a team of scientists and materials experts at Bolt Threads. As a founding member of the Mylo™ consortium, lululemon joins a group of forward-thinking global companies banding together to invest in materials innovation and contribute to a more sustainable future.


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