Studio Essentials

Person unrolling yoga mat

Does your studio rely on fitness essentials like yoga mats, blocks and straps? We have the perfect products for you.  


We recognize that a strong fitness community needs ready access to quality equipment designed to elevate their practice. Through lululemon’s Studio Essentials program, we aim to support studios in acquiring quality gear to help you grow.  


  • Approved partners will be required to sign a retailer agreement. 
  • Each partner is paired with an Account Manager to understand and support your retail goals. 
  • Access to a curated assortment of yoga blocks, accessories, bags, and equipment to be resold or rented within your space.   


We review application as quickly as possible and will respond within 15 business days. Please note, completion of the application does not guarantee your business will become a Strategic Sales partner.  

Applications to sell lululemon product on a digital marketplace such as Amazon or eBay will not be considered. 

By applying, you agree to lululemon’s PRIVACY POLICY and TERMS OF USE


Apply To Studio Essentials


To reapply, you must wait 6 months from the date on your denial letter. 

Our Strategic Sales business is reserved for conventional retail businesses that market, merchandise, and sell products to consumers. If you are interested in partnering with lululemon for charity-related purposes, please refer to Our Here to Be Program.