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The Enlite Bra: Movement, Managed

Bridging the gap between high performance and comfort, the Enlite Bra breaks the paradigm of what it means to move with freedom.

High performance comfort in a sports bra has finally been defined.

For the past two years, we’ve been working on creating a high performance sports bra that’s actually comfortable to run and train in. Using non-traditional methods, we set our sights on creating a design that does everything we’ve always been told sports bras shouldn’t do: move.

After researching, experimenting, testing, and retesting the product, we invented something unique to the athletic community: a bra that contours to the shape of the body and doesn’t restrict movement—it enhances it.

“From the very beginning, we just wanted to get to the heart of how women want to feel in their sports bra,” Alex Plante, Innovation Manager, explained.


We started by looking at the female body and asked our collective how they want to feel in their sports bra during their training. After getting feedback from over 1,000 women, we knew we were onto something special. From what we heard, we knew there was an opportunity to understand how movement impacts support.

Typically, sports bra designs begin with one focus: restrict up-and-down movement—at all costs. But what we did first was develop a holistic understanding of how the breasts move in all directions, not just up and down.

“We looked at how the body moves and at the contouring shape of it in order to understand how to develop a product that adheres to the needs of the guest during a high intensity workout,” Designer Laura Dixon explained.


"From the very beginning, we just wanted to get to the heart of how women want to feel in their sports bra."

—Alex Plante, Innovation Manager

We knew women wanted a sports bra that looks beautiful, but what we were really after was creating a one that didn’t compromise on beauty, comfort, and support.

Instead sketching the product, we started with the body itself. We draped our new soft, lightweight Ultralu fabric onto a woman’s body to inform the design from a 3D perspective. From there, we were able to craft a beautiful shape that also ensures an exceptional fit and is highly functional.

“In order to ensure the perfect balance between form and function, we actually handcrafted all 20 sizes on body,” Dixon explained.

We paired this 360-degree design approach with our knowledge in biomechanics and body movement, and used motion-capture sensors to study the way each breast moves independently. From here we discovered that not all movement is bad, contrary to popular belief—some movement actually allows for more support and even enhances comfort.

The end result? A high performing sports bra, that’s actually comfortable—The Enlite Bra.

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