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A practice of knitting dyed nylon yarn to create beautiful textured patterns that move along with you.

Jacquard Gear

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So what’s up with jacquards?

Inspired by a vintage piece of distressed leather, creative director Lee Holman challenged the design team to bring texture and depth to our Fall 2016 collection. Enter jacquards.

The jacquard technique is not new (fun fact: its inventor Joseph Marie Jacquard came up with it in 1801).

It’s a weaving technique that uses different colour threads to create a specific pattern. The coolest thing about it is each individual thread is dyed and then knitted to form awesome textured effects.

While traditional prints are overlaid on top of the fabric, the jacquard technique gives each garment a unique texture. Just like the colours and brush strokes of a painting, jacquard gives depth to the pattern and, on top of it all, produces movement and a unique hand feel!

Figuring out materials was the next step in our process. How could we bring this age-old fashion technique into our sweaty gear without compromising on performance? This answer is simple: nylon. Through a unique-to-us way of processing nylon yarns, we found a way to maximize softness and achieve the ultimate in colour, vibrancy, and detail without losing any of the fabric’s technical attributes.

For us, jacquards represent a unique balance between creativity and technique. Now, it’s your turn to go out there and weave creativity into your workout patterns.