Image of a woman laughing in the Fast and Free crops and the Fast and Free bra on a break from her run.

Hello, Nulux™

You love fabrics that provide coverage but feel like you’re wearing nothing, so we created a version for high-sweat training.

The barely-there, seriously smooth sensation of Nulux fabric is almost indescribable.

We saw how much you loved our Nulu™ fabric and wanted to give you the same next-to-nothing feeling during your run or training session. From cloud-light to “butter on toast”, one thing was clear to runners in our collective who tried to describe it—Nulux™ fabric is one of those things that you truly have to feel for yourself.

Here’s what you need to know:

Next to Naked

Soft, smooth Nulux™ fabric sits against your skin using light compression.

Lightning-Fast Dry Time

It dries super fast so that wet, sweaty feeling doesn’t weigh you down.

Crazy Smooth

Silky and cool-to-the-touch, Nulux™ fabric has a super smooth handfeel.

Lightweight Coverage

It’s knit using a special technique that makes it incredibly lightweight yet opaque.


Lightweight, sweat-wicking Nulux™ fabric helps keep you dry.

Meet Nulux™

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W Crops
"Light as air, soft as clouds."

The new naked sensation Fast and Free crops leave next-to-nothing between you and your run.

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