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Tight Sensation

We engineer our Tight Sensation to give us the ultimate feeling of support. We use our tightest fit and firm training compression to achieve the experience of being locked and loaded—our powerhouse muscles feel ready and engaged to take on any workout that comes our way.

Training Compression

This level of compression doesn’t affect the way your body adapts and responds after your training session. We create garments that provide a compression experience to let you receive positive feedback to push yourself while you sweat and allow your body the best chance to adapt naturally. Win-win!

Tight sensation pant - Women's

Technical Fabrics

We engineer this sensation using our most powerful and flexible fabrics, along with unique construction techniques.

Fitting Room Tip

Pull these styles on like nylons. Trust us, it’s worth the extra effort!

Waved Hem

Helps reduce pressure from uncomfortable seams in these tight-fitting styles.

"I pick this sensation on days when I want to feel really powerful because it gives me more awareness of my muscles."

—Antonia Iamartino, Director of Future Concepts

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Meet Our Other Sensations

Woman hugging her knees
Hugged Sensation

This sensation is engineered to feel like a comfortable embrace throughout—it holds you close and moves with you.

Woman's arms crossed over her legs
Held-in Sensation

This sensation provides support to your key muscle groups—strategically placed zoning keeps you feeling secure through your abs, hips, bum and thighs.

Woman floating in water
Naked Sensation

This sensation is engineered to feel like your go-to, lightweight, second-skin layer—you’ll forget you’re wearing this next-to-nothing sensation as you move.

Woman in front of lake
Relaxed Sensation

This sensation gives you the ultimate feeling of nothing in your way—it sits away from your body to give you maximum room to move.