A group of diverse members of our global community wear t-shirts that read: Practice Equality and Enough, Already.

Know Your Worth

Enough already.
We are enough, already.
One hundred percent whole.
What may seem like cracks, are space for compassion.
Our sensitivity is strength. Our vulnerabilities are fire.
If mistaken for weaknesses, please stand corrected
these gifts are in fact, the source of our power.
We have wise, wild hearts that can fiercely love
or can leave.
And wild, wise voices that can soothe or can roar.
And when we join together,
there’s no silencing that roar.
We rock, raise, and nurture, we teach, lead, and conquer.
We are part creator, leader, lover, artist, inventor, and warrior.
We feel, we heal, we experience deeply.
We create, we impact, we are powerful beyond measure.
If ever there’s a time this feels hard to remember
come back to these words:
My sensitivity is strength.
My vulnerability is fire.
I feel, I heal, I experience deeply.
I create. I impact.
I am powerful beyond measure.
Enough already.
I am enough, already. 



Download and share with one of the incredible women in your life.

11 events. 11 cities. 1 important conversation.

In honour of International Women’s Day, we brought together thought-leaders and changemakers to speak to the work being done and that needs to be done for us all to be treated with, and to feel, our 100% worth. Missed the live events? Get motivated, educated, and inspired by our online San Francisco and Detroit events below. They are definitely worth listening to.



Worth Making A Statement

In honour of International Women's Day, 100% of profits from these tees were donated to organizations that support the empowerment of women, through our social impact program, Here to Be. Here to Be creates access to the healing power of yoga through non-profit partnerships. Your purchases supported the growth and sustainability of these incredible organizations.

  • Red Clay Yoga


    Atlanta, Georgia

    Red Clay Yoga uses yoga as an education tool for youth and marginalized communities through training programs and outreach. Their focus is on restorative justice, literacy, and cultural responsiveness.

  • Yoga Outreach


    Vancouver, British Columbia

    Yoga Outreach expands access to trauma-informed yoga programs for women and children who are fleeing violence, recovering from addictions and accessing mental health services.

  • Exhale to Inhale


    New York, New York

    Exhale to Inhale empowers those affected by domestic violence and sexual assault to feel strong and safe in their bodies through the healing practice of trauma-informed yoga.

  • Ourmala


    London, UK

    Ourmala supports refugees and asylum seekers, providing access to yoga and critical resources as tools to work through trauma, and foster a welcoming community.


Everyone deserves to be treated with, and to feel their 100% worth. This film was created for International Women's Day, but is relevant every day.



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