Resale + Brand Protection


We completely recognize that once someone purchases our product they can do what they want with it. We do not, however, support those who acquire our product to resell at an elevated price point.

Brand protection

At lululemon we are committed to providing our guests with the highest quality product and we are aware that imitations of our products are produced and sold. To protect our guests and our brand, we‘re committed to addressing counterfeits.

Our Brand Protection team takes the issue of counterfeiting very seriously—we have an intensive global Anti-Counterfeiting Enforcement Program in place to fight this ongoing problem. We are keen to demonstrate that we will not tolerate counterfeiting and we will actively take legal action against infringers. We are also working to remove unauthorized websites and auction site listings.

How can I avoid purchasing counterfeit products?

Genuine lululemon products can only be purchased through our stores, registered e-commerce sites, and approved retailers. Anywhere else, and you’re not getting the real deal.

Our official websites are:

How can I help prevent counterfeiting?

Educate yourself. Protect yourself. Take action. Many counterfeit websites say they are authorized websites by including the word "lululemon" or a variation of the word, such as "lulu" or "lulus" in the domain name.

These websites also copy the design or layout of the authorized website.

Look for links on these particular sites that appear questionable. For example: links to other brands' websites, auction sites, blogs, etc. Look for contact information and email addresses that don't appear to be legitimate like “”.

If you suspect a location or website is offering counterfeit lululemon branded products, contact our Guest Education Centre. We take these matters seriously and investigate any lead that is reported by our guests.