lululemon Centre for Social Impact


We believe everyone has the right to be well. And the path to wellbeing is possible when tools, support, and resources are accessible to all. However, too often around the world, barriers persist, making access far too difficult for far too many people.

This is especially true for those experiencing disproportionate rates of stress and trauma. The lululemon Centre for Social Impact is setting out to break the barriers that prevent access to wellbeing. We will leverage our expertise, resources, and communities to invest in and advocate for the wellbeing of those most impacted by systemic inequity around the world, guided by our goal of positively impacting 10 million people by 2025.

Key focus areas for the lululemon Center for Social Impact include Community and Global Wellbeing, Maker Wellbeing, and Frontline Wellbeing, as well as Research and Advocacy.

Wellbeing defined

Science tells us the path to feeling good mentally and physically starts with simple actions: move every day, be present, experience gratitude, make time for social connections, help others.

We understand wellbeing as a lifetime practice of three interconnected elements:

PHYSICAL WELLBEING: Feeling healthy and capable. I can perform the activities I want or need to do.
MENTAL WELLBEING: Feeling emotionally prepared. I am able to handle what the future holds for me.
SOCIAL WELLBEING: Feeling connected to others. I am part of something larger than myself and contribute to a supportive community.




The Centre will foster Community Wellbeing through lululemon’s anchor impact program, Here to Be, currently in its sixth year of supporting organizations around the globe that create inclusive access to movement and mindfulness, and those that advocate for civil and human rights. To date, Here to Be has supported 750 organizations and positively impacted more than 1 million people.

Our 2022 Here to Be grant is open from May 3 to May 30, 2022. For more information, please visit the lululemon Grants Portal


The Centre will nurture Global Wellbeing through grants and partnerships that advance the wellbeing of people experiencing disproportionate rates of stress and trauma. Global initiatives at launch include support for the GIRLS OPPORTUNITY ALLIANCE ($1.5M USD), a program of the Obama Foundation that empowers adolescent girls around the world through education, and THE TREVOR PROJECT ($1M USD), the world’s largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer & questioning (LGBTQ) young people.



Respecting the wellbeing of Indigenous communities

We are a company founded on the Indigenous territories of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh Nations, what is now known colonially as Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada. We honour and support the wellbeing of Indigenous communities.

We are committed to being a platform for amplifying Indigenous voices, and maintaining ongoing partnerships with First Nations organizations, community members, and ambassadors. To approach this work meaningfully, we engaged with THE CIRCLE ON PHILANTHROPY AND ABORIGINAL PEOPLES IN CANADA (THE CIRCLE). The Circle is an Indigenous-led organization working to mobilize settler philanthropic dollars to Indigenous-led projects, movements, organizations and nations. Their work contributes to positive change between the settler philanthropic sector and Indigenous communities by creating spaces of learning, relationship building, co-creation, and activation.




The wellbeing of the people who make our products will be a key focus for the Centre, with a new annual commitment of $1M USD to our Maker Wellbeing initiatives, which allow our makers to facilitate impact projects in the communities where they live and work.



We are launching with a key focus on Frontline Wellbeing, bringing support to support people around the world. This effort is rooted in our Peace for Purpose collaboration with the United Nations Foundation, which, to date, has provided thousands of UN workers with mindfulness and self-care tools for their physical and mental health. Learn more HERE.




The Centre will undertake research to examine barriers to wellbeing and amplify collaborative solutions through advocacy. This includes a $1M USD commitment to the NATIONAL ALLIANCE FOR MENTAL ILLNESS (NAMI), in support of the establishment of a 9-8-8 number for mental health crisis and suicide prevention services.


For more information about our granting programs, please email SOCIALIMPACT@LULULEMON.COM. We’d love to hear from you.