Here to Be


Here to Be is a community-based social impact program that makes the healing benefits of yoga and meditation accessible through best-in-class nonprofit partnerships. 


We’ve felt the transformation that comes with a regular yoga and meditation practice. Through the breath, we can connect the mind and body to ground in the present moment, allowing us to access the calm that exists within each of us. From this place, we have choice in our moment-to-moment thoughts and reactions.

Yoga and meditation offer benefits that are real and backed by science. A growing body of research shows that these practices can help build resilience, promote physical and mental health, and create community.



We believe that everyone has the right to be happy and experience the joy that comes from living into our highest, truest selves. This should be accessible to all, regardless of where we’re starting from or what life throws our way. Yoga and meditation are universal tools that allow us to get quiet and tap into that potential that exists within.


We see the potential for yoga service programs to reach deep into communities to support resilience and healing. From school programs that give kids the tools to focus their minds, to classes that unite people who have sustained injury or illness, or who are coping with the long-term effects of violence and conflict, these programs make yoga and meditation accessible to a wide variety of unique communities. 


Some of our partners, clockwise from top left: ImUnique, VETOGA, Yoga Foster, LoveYourBrain and Africa Yoga Project.


The Here to Be program is designed to support, unite and amplify the work of the yoga service community. We partner with best-in-class nonprofit organizations globally who make the healing benefits of yoga and meditation accessible to all.

Each year, we grant to local organizations through our global network of stores, and invest in national and international programs that create access at scale. Our focus is on creating a community of practice with our network of partners so that yogis and practitioners can share resources, trainings and best practices to realize our collective impact.

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