Our Footprint

Peoples legs coming up out of water

As athletes and yogis, we understand that environmental health is the foundation of personal health; we’re as passionate about reducing our environmental impact as we are about staying fit. We measure our company’s energy use and carbon footprint every year, and we measured our full waste impact in 2014. We’re taking action in both areas and approach our practice of sustainability much like our practice of yoga; we always see room for improvement but we’re in it for the long run so that we can get better over time.

Energy + Carbon

People around the world are seeing the effects of climate change that are threatening the long-term wellbeing of our global communities. We’re taking steps to measure and reduce our carbon footprint across our business.


Waste is an unavoidable by-product of business with today’s systems and processes, but we’re doing something about it. See how we’re making changes to our operational and textile waste.