Industry Collaboration

We work with the following partners to accelerate change in our industry:

American Apparel and Footwear Association

The American Apparel and Footwear Association is a trade association representing apparel and footwear manufacturers and suppliers. It brings together thoughts and ideas from various brands into one unified voice. The association keeps on top of social and environmental supply chain issues and keeps us updated and engaged on the legislative, trade, and diplomatic issues related to manufacturing.               

Better Work

We are members of the International Labour Organization’s Better Work programs. They perform unannounced assessments, provide advisory services to our facilities, give support with on-the-ground technical expertise, and deliver hands-on training and root cause improvements to our facilities. Currently, we partner with Better Factories in Cambodia and Better Factories Vietnam, and we’re always monitoring new geographic areas for partnerships.

Responsible Sourcing Network

The Responsible Sourcing Network (RSN) is a non-profit that strives to end human rights abuse and forced labour associated with the sourcing of raw materials. We have worked with RSN to improve our ability to trace where our cotton comes from, and have signed RSN’s Cotton Pledge to end forced child and adult labour in the harvesting of cotton in Uzbekistan. We’re taking steps to do due diligence at all levels of our supply chain.

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Sustainable Apparel Coalition

The Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) is a trade organization made up of brands, retailers, and manufacturers, as well as governmental and non-governmental organizations and academic experts. The coalition represents more than a third of the global apparel and footwear market, and is working to reduce the environmental and social impacts of apparel and footwear products around the world. We’re working with the SAC to help us measure the environmental impacts of manufacturing using the Higg Index.

bluesign® technologies

bluesign® technologies provides independent auditing of textile mills to minimize environmental and human health impacts of textile processing. The bluesign® system is the strictest environmental standard globally for the production of textiles, focusing on resource productivity, consumer safety, water emissions, air emissions, and occupational health and safety. bluesign® system partners are textile mills committed to applying the bluesign® system. Nearly one-third of the mills that supply our raw materials are bluesign® system partners.


We are partnering with Canopy, a not-for-profit that helps ensure our use of forest-based fibres promotes the health of critical forest areas. To do this, we’ll assess our use of forest-sourced fabrics and the sourcing practices of our vendors. We will ask our vendors to commit to conserving ancient or endangered forests and encourage them to develop alternate fibre sources, toward achieving our commitment of not sourcing fabrics from ancient or endangered forests by 2017.

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Retail Council of Canada

We’re members of the Retail Council of Canada (RCC), a not-for-profit, industry-led association that represents retail brands across Canada. Its mission is to advance, promote, and protect the interests of its members through effective advocacy, communications, and education. Most recently, we looked to RCC for advice on Extended Producer Responsibility legislation on textile and waste recycling.

Textile Exchange

We’re members of the Textile Exchange, a global non-profit that works to drive industry transformation in preferred fibers, integrity and standards and responsible supply networks. Their focus is to identify and share best practices regarding farming, materials, processing, traceability and product end-of-life in order to reduce the textile industry’s impact on the world’s water, soil and air, and the human population. Most recently we worked with them on implementing the Responsible Down Standard (RDS) of 100% of our goose down.