Youngone's KSI Facility in Bangladesh

lululemon remains committed to our operations in Bangladesh and the people and communities where our products are made. lululemon’s independent investigation conducted by Impactt at Youngone’s KSI facility has been completed. Conducted on-the-ground in Bangladesh with more than 650 confidential worker interviews, the investigation identified findings in line with those that were brought to our attention.

lululemon and Youngone have taken immediate action to enforce a zero-tolerance environment for emotional and physical abuse and harassment, and supervisors who were responsible for the reported actions were removed. We take these findings very seriously, and we shared the investigative report with the factory owner, Youngone, and with the other global retail brands that produce products in this facility in the spirit of partnership for immediate and long-term resolution. 

These actions include: 

1. An independent hotline for workers to report any grievances confidentially and securely. The hotline will be managed by an independent, third party provider, and will be available 24 hours a day. Roll-out will be in-person with trained counselors.

2. A thorough review and overhaul of the current management systems for harassment and abuse to ensure a zero-tolerance environment is in place. This includes updating of current policies and procedures, as well as proper training with management and workers.

3. A comprehensive and sustained education program including evaluation of whether management and the workforce have a shared understanding of acceptable and unacceptable workplace behavior. This includes regular information as well as training for workers and management to be able to sustain a positive working atmosphere.

We have no current orders with this facility and will evaluate future business when the actions are successfully completed. lululemon is committed to ensuring the workplace at Youngone’s KSI facility, and all those we operate in, are safe and healthy for all workers.  

We will continue to work with our vendor partners, other brands, and third-party stakeholder groups to evolve our approach in support of lasting solutions to protect the rights of factory workers and ensure a safe working environment across our supply chain.