As a commodity, cotton is challenging to trace to its original source, and we know that all sources are not equal. Having ethical cotton sources is important to us and we work hard to ensure that our suppliers uphold our values.

In October 2013, we signed the Responsible Sourcing Network’s Cotton Pledge to end forced child and adult labour in the harvesting of cotton in Uzbekistan. This elevates our Vendor Code of Ethics by making our raw material sources even more traceable. We also asked all of our cotton vendors to sign letters of commitment to declare their cotton sources. As of April 2014, we have received supporting documentation from all of our vendors verifying that they do not source cotton from Uzbekistan.  

To make sure we do not use Uzbek cotton in our clothing, we:

  • Assess our fabric mills and maintain close relationships to help ensure that we are being supplied ethically-sourced cotton.
  • Require our vendors who supply cotton products to make a declaration to us that they are not using cotton sourced from Uzbekistan.